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Prepare2Care volunteers and our partners are available to provide disaster preparedness presentations, consultation and training to church leadership, ministry teams and congregations.




  • Developing a church disaster response plan.

  • Assessing your church and your congregation’s  human and physical resources for disaster response and recovery.


  • Developing a post-disaster Communications and Continuity of Operations Plan.

  • Identifying training resources tailored to your church and your congregation for individual and congregational disaster response and recovery.



Presentations: Presentations can be tailiored to one or more of the following topics, the audience and the time available for the presentation.


  • What to expect when a natural or human disaster impacts the City of Lompoc. Roles of government, non-government disaster response organizations and churches during and following a disaster.

  • Preparing your church and your congregation for emergencies: Get a Kit. Make a Plan. Be Informed (Provider: American Red Cross).

  • Identifying ways to help your community when disaster strike while avoiding duplication of effort and wasting resources.


  • How to productively assist government and established non-government disaster organizations when disaster strikes.         Knowing when to: stand-by, stage, deploy or stand-down.


  • Opportunities and protocol for assisting others.


  • Considerations for providing shelter, feeding, and other physical support during and following a disaster.


  • Vetting and coordinating volunteers.

  • Considerations for providing emotional and spiritual care during and following a disaster.


  • Opportunities for collaboration, coordination and partnering with other churches and disaster response organizations

     during and following a disaster.



Training (some fees may apply to third party training: we will do our best to identify no-fee training opportunities)





Please contact us to schedule a presentation or discuss your consultation needs.

  Prepare2Care Services are Free*


*  Presentations and consultation are free. Some fees may apply to third party training.

P2C will do its best to identify no-fee training opportunities.