About Us

Prepare2Care (P2C) is an adjunct initiative of the City of Lompoc Police and Fire Chaplaincy Corp. The mission of Prepare2Care is to work with the churches of Lompoc in preparing for natural and human-caused disaster response and recovery...  in service to their congregations and the community. We are a volunteer organization.  We are recognized by the City of Lompoc as an annex of the City’s Emergency Management Plan (EMP), serving as a resource, representative, and liaison for faith-based organizations.


We believe there is a need, value, and opportunity to more fully engage the churches of Lompoc in disaster preparedness and disaster response and disaster recovery capacity. We do not  take the place of or duplicate the work of government and non-profit disaster preparation and response organizations. We do however seek to facilitate making expert resources and training available to church leadership and church congregants.  


We exist because experience has shown that when natural or human-caused disaster strikes, local government resources can become quickly overwhelmed, especially during the first hours and days of a disaster when local and outside resources are

still staging and organizing. 


We believe that most if not all local church leadership and congregants have a heart and desire to serve their community. However, we recognize that many churches may need assistance with disaster planning, training, and understanding the roles of government, non-government and faith-based disaster response organizations.


We serve so that when disaster strikes there is better coordination, less duplication of effort, less confusion, less frustration and even less conflict between government, disaster relief organizations and local churches.


Prepare2Care is here to serve the churches and congregations of Lompoc. For more information on Prepare2Care services and resources please contact us.


When local churches  are prepared for disaster they can play an important role in providing physical as well as spiritual and emotional help, healing, and hope to their community.  

Prepare2Care Director

        Chaplain           Keith McLellan

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